Where can I find sober friends?

Where Can I Find Sober Friends?

Last Updated: Tue, January 23, 2024

If you’re recovering from alcohol addiction, you most likely asked, “Where can I find sober friends?”.

 Having a strong support network is one of the most important factors in a strong recovery. However, not everyone has one. 

 In this article, we will talk about the places where you can find friends that will help you stay sober.

Where Can I Find Sober Friends? 8 Amazing Places 

 Here are eight places where you can find sober friends:

1.     Your Existing Network 

Your friends and relatives likely know sober people you would hit it off with.  However, this may not occur to them unless you ask. 

 Think about this: In a way, those people have already been vetted. Also, you already know someone who can introduce them to you. This makes finding sober friends easier.

 Remember, making friends while in recovery takes initiative and perseverance. Using the resources available to you (aka your existing network) to find friends that will help you stay away from alcoholism helps a lot.  

 If you see the same people a lot and you also share interests, it would only be a matter of time before you become good friends. 

2.     Classes 

 Classes are a great way of finding sober friends. 

 From baking to cycling, there are a lot of classes you can take as an adult. Despite the many options, you have to put yourself first. Take a class that interests you. Go out there and learn a new skill. 

 When you join a class that interests you, you get to be with people who share an interest with you. You also get to see them regularly. Put these two wonderful things together and you get the right recipe for making new, sober friends.

3.     Sports Leagues 

 Becoming physically active greatly helps you stop drinking on your own. Exercise is not only great for your body. It improves your mental state as well. Regular exercise can also be a great way to make sober friends.

 One of the most fun ways to exercise is by joining a recreational sports league. Doing so lets you get to know people without a lot of awkward conversations. You can talk about the sports you enjoy and even your favorite athletes. 

4.     Support Groups 

 Joining a support group for people is one of the best answers to “Where can I find sober friends?”. Doing so is also the easiest way to find sober friends.

 Fortunately, you can easily find support groups for people in recovery. Using a sobriety app can also help you find such groups. 

 The majority of these groups organize substance-free activities for members. They also give recovering people a safe and open venue to meet other sober people. 

 Additionally, research studies suggest that people participating in support groups remain alcohol-free longer than those who don't.

5.     Faith Groups 

A lot of individuals abstain from alcohol because of their faith. Some individuals turn to their faith as they recover. 

 You will likely find people who don’t drink alcohol in faith groups. This also means they won’t likely relapse because they don’t drink alcohol in the first place.

 One of the best ways to find and join a faith group is to find a gathering that’s rooted in your faith tradition. You can check if your denomination offers such a thing.

Navigating Through Social Discrimination

6.     Social Media 

 Billions of people use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok every day. 

 So, looking for sober friends via social media will be easy if you use the right methods.

 For one, you can look for Facebook groups dedicated to recovery. You can also follow recovering people on TikTok. 

 Meanwhile, a quick search on Instagram for hashtags for sobriety will show thousands of posts. You can then connect to these people or gain inspiration from their success.

7.     Volunteer Groups 

 Several volunteer groups organize soup kitchens, shelters, and food banks. Additionally, various organizations and nonprofits need volunteers. 

 As a bonus, most people in volunteer groups are sober. This means that you get to help the needy while mingling with sober people.

 Whether it’s a one-time event, a weekly, or a monthly thing, joining a volunteer group is a great way to meet sober people. It's also a great opportunity to become friends with them.

8.     Sober Bars 

 If you’re asking, “Where can I find sober friends?”, the answer lies in sober bars.

 Sober bars started in Europe. But they’re now all over the US, thanks to the huge number of people taking recovery seriously. 

 Sober bars come with all the perks of a regular bar. You can find darts, karaoke, game nights, and even live bands. The only difference? Sober bars don't have booze. 

 Depending on the bar, you may find milkshakes, sodas, mocktails, kombucha, juice, or any of their specialty drinks. Of course, you’ll find a lot of sober friends at sober bars, too.


 Many people starting out in recovery face a dilemma when it comes to friends: They want to distance themselves from their drinking associates. The downside? They struggle with loneliness.

 Find sober friends in the places mentioned above to make your recovery flow smoothly.

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