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Top 10 Places to Travel for Sober People

Last Updated: Tue, January 23, 2024

Let’s face the truth: You simply can’t get rid of all types of stressors. However, going to places to travel for sober people can help you get rid of many stressors, especially if you’re recovering from alcoholism.

Fortunately, many destinations put less stress on sober people. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 places to travel for sober people.

10 Places to Travel for Sober People 

Here are the best places to travel for sober people:

1.     Sri Lanka 

Sober travelers often feel much more confident when traveling in parts of Asia and Africa. It’s because a large percentage of the local people don’t drink alcohol. People abstain from alcohol due to religious or cultural reasons. 

One of sobers travelers’ favorites is the country of Sri Lanka. For one, the country offers endless options for outdoor activities. Additionally, the local culture exudes an intriguing and welcoming feel without tempting sober people to drink.

2.     Japan 

Japan, being famous for beer and sake, features many restaurants offering the said drinks. 

Despite this, you won’t see waiters pushing for alcohol just like in the United States. In Japan, you can choose to pair your meals with either tea or water. These options serve those who want to stay sober well. 

3.     South Korea 

You can do a lot of fun things in South Korea. These things do not involve alcohol at all.

South Korea’s capital, Seoul, boasts a huge number of stalls at their night market. These stores only open at night and close at around five in the morning. 

Almost everything you can think of gets sold at their night market. These include clothes, stationery, and even kitchen supplies. Plus, restaurants, cafes, and spas are open 24/7.

In short, there are a lot of things you can do in South Korea that are not centered around drinking. 

4.     Morocco 

If you want to travel to alcohol-free places, you must consider going to Muslim-majority destinations. 

Alcohol might be available in Morocco, but it’s not a part of Moroccan culture. However, some hotel bars serve alcohol.

With buzzing markets, ancient maze-like cities with windy streets, and the Sahara Desert, Morocco happens to be an amazing destination for sober people. 

5.     British Columbia 

Vacation in British Columbia mostly involves indulging in a spa. With its wellness-focused environment, it will be easier for sober people to pass on from alcohol. 

Interestingly, some spa destinations can be found tucked away in the mountains. This gives sober people the feeling of tranquility, where one can just walk around the indoor-outdoor spa in fluffy robes. 

Things to enjoy in British Columbia include steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, and ice pools. Sober people can enjoy relaxation solariums and cozy fireplaces as well.

6.     Malaysia 

Alcohol might be widely available in Malaysia, but it's heavily taxed. The consumption of alcohol in Malaysia is also much more moderate compared to some of its neighboring countries. 

Malaysia doesn’t make it easy for people to buy alcohol. This makes the country an amazing tropical destination for anyone wishing to avoid alcohol.

If you’re someone who prefers the city, you can travel to places like Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown. Those cities should be high on your list. 

The street art in Georgetown, as well as the melding of the three cultures― Malay, Chinese and Indian― will make you fall in love with the place. 

7.     Colombia 

Most travelers in Latin America choose not to drink alcohol mostly for safety reasons. After the dark, a lot of travelers prefer to stay in their accommodations.

During the day, you can roam around and discover the place. Dances like salsa and bachata help you not feel any pressure to drink alcohol. 

Feeling alone shouldn't be a concern, since you can spend your nights dancing in the streets such as Medellin in Colombia or Antigua in Guatemala. You can go every night to these places and dance the night away without needing a drop of alcohol.

8.     Peru 

If you travel in Peru for Machu Picchu or the nature of the Andes, you’ll most likely have very early mornings. This will serve as your motivation not to drink any alcohol. 

Additionally, Peru offers various delicious non-alcoholic drinks. This ranges from indigenous herbal teas to chichas made from corn and other fruit flavors.

9.     The Maldives 

If you want to soak in Vitamin Sea while on vacation, the Maldives is the right destination for you. Comprising 1,000 coral islands, the tropical country is one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth. 

Plus, you’d be hard-pressed to find alcohol outside of the tourist islands. It’s because the Maldives is a Muslim country. While having your vacation there, you can learn to forgo some of the comforts of Western societies. 

You should also learn to immerse yourself in the culture and spend some time island hopping by ferry.

10.  Sweden 

Most Scandinavian countries like Sweden make a great destination for non-drinkers. 

In Sweden, hard liquor can only be bought through government-controlled stores called Systembolaget. Therefore, alcoholic drinks served at restaurants and bars become expensive. This gives you the urge not to drink alcohol and opt for more affordable drinks instead.


If you want to avoid temptation or prefer a place not centered around alcohol, you must check out the top places to travel for sober people. Using a sobriety app can also help. Happy traveling! 

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