Tips for Sober Dating

Tips for Sober Dating

Last Updated: Tue, January 23, 2024

Whenever it goes to sober dating, there seem to be undeniable difficulties that lie ahead. Grabbing a drink for a first date seems to have been normalized in today's day and age. Removing your nervousness might sound like a nice thing to do at that moment. Remember you have chosen sobriety for a reason, and there is a reason why the experts say to wait at least one year before dating when you are in early recovery. 

So here are some of the top dating tips for you if you want to continue your dating life (when you're ready, of course). 

Be Honest! Let the Other Person Know Your Intention Already

Whenever it concerns sober dating, honesty is always the best strategy. You could say, "By the way, I do not drink," in a brief note just before the date to avoid unpleasantness for either of you. They have had the opportunity to learn what to do in the future. It is wise to moderate expectations, precisely if the date is being planned ahead of time. It will prevent you from being led to a cocktail bar where there is unlikely to be anything on the menu that you can drink and where neither of you will enjoy yourselves. Some simply do not agree with your new conscious lifestyle, which is great, but creating an honest foundation is critical to meeting someone entirely in tune with who you are.

Be Confident! You Do Not Have to Explain Yourself

Own the fact that you will not be consuming and know that you will be the best version of yourself when you show up for your date. You want to develop a stronger and mindful interaction, and the only way to achieve that is to start with yourself. This is a decision to be pleased with, and the perfect person for you will be fascinated, curious, and willing to attempt a sober date with you. Others will become more comfortable and at ease if you are confident in your decisions.

 Use Your Creativity and Try to Think Out of the Box

Sober dating is an excellent way to extend your ideas and try something new. It is your opportunity to go bowling, play table tennis, play darts, play mini-golf, try ax tossing, clay making, or take an aerobics class you have always intended to visit. A bonus benefit of not consuming is that it forces you to try new things and allows you to be innovative rather than just rushing out for a drink.


Your feelings are your guide system, and they should be listened to properly. In most cases, our gut instinct is correct. We may more easily tune into this when we become even more conscious of our life. Even though the individual appears to be fantastic for you on the page, things often do not feel right. There is a lot to be gained from accepting our faults and learning through our mistakes, no matter how awful they are.

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