Tips For Quitting Evening Wine

Tips For Quitting Evening Wine

Last Updated: Tue, January 23, 2024

For so many of us, the habit of getting in from work, getting the kids to bed and getting to lounge on the sofa can only be enjoyed with a glass of wine or two. Seen as the reward for a hard day at work (or home) for many, a glass of wine seems like the grown up way of winding down and relaxing into the evening. But when one glass becomes two, and then later becomes the bottle, it’s easy to see that a habit is forming. 

If you, like so many others, are starting to see (or even feel) that those glasses of wine aren’t actually benefiting you then maybe it’s time to think about quitting that evening wine. It’s proven that reducing your alcohol consumption is a great benefit to both your mind and body, but it’s not always easy. Here are 7 top tips for quitting evening wine that will help you to kick the habit and feel better physically and mentally. 

1.Inspire Yourself with Others Stories

The first step into deciding to quit your evening wine can be really difficult and feel quite lonely, especially if you don’t have a support network to reach out to. It can also be really tricky when your support network can’t relate to your feelings first-hand. Because of this, it’s a good idea to find some stories and testimonies from those who have been through the process before. Look for books by people who have quit wine altogether and see how they started by cutting down those evening glasses. Look at how they dealt with the cravings and any tips or tricks they may have. That way you are able to be more prepared should it happen to you. 

2.Get Organized

Set a date for when you want to quit wine and stick to it! Try to pick a date that is a week or so away so that you can have time to get organised. What do we mean by organized? Well for starters you are going to want to get rid of any wine in your house. It’s up to you how you do this, but we recommend giving it as gifts to people and making sure it is out of the house for good. 

When picking your date, look at upcoming events and your workload. You want to make sure that you don’t pick a period of time that is going to be stressful or emotional. These events could cause you to lapse and feel disheartened so try to pick a quiet period of your life, well as quiet as possible anyway. 

3. Find an Accountability Partner

As we previously mentioned, support is a really important part of quitting wine and as such, you might want to think about getting an accountability partner. This could be a loved one, a friend or you could use a service to help you find one.  Having someone to reach out to when you are feeling tempted can be a great way to distract you and stop you from lapsing. Having an accountability partner who has been in the same position as you will be even more useful as they guide you through the process of reducing your alcohol intake. 

4. Find the Love for Non Alcoholic Drinks

OK so hands up who else has rolled their eyes at the word “mocktail”. When we say to find the love for non-alcoholic drinks, we’re not talking about sourcing the perfect alcohol free beer or creating a vodka free martini. Swapping your alcoholic tipple for something completely different can help to create a whole new routine in the evenings which will eventually become a habit. 

5. Make the Most of Those Sober Mornings

One of the best things about quitting wine in the evening is the amount of energy you have in the mornings! After a few days of no alcohol in the evenings, you start to feel more awake when you get up in the morning, have less headaches and feel more mentally alert. You won’t be as groggy, and you definitely won’t be as short tempered. So, if you are looking to quit wine for your family as well as yourself then they will definitely thank you for this one! 

6. Join A Support Group

Did we mention how important support is when you are trying to break a habit cycle?! If you are struggling to find an accountability partner or you think they aren’t working out (after all, it can be hard to open up to someone and show them your vulnerable side) then why not try out a support group? A support group works by not just being there for you when the going gets tough but being there for you when things are good too. You can listen to other people’s stories, learn from them and even support other people through the process as well. There are lots of groups that meet locally, or you can use an online support network who, in some cases, allow you to keep your anonymity. 

7. Stay Motivated

Accountability is one thing; motivation is a whole other ball game! To begin with, it may feel like time has stopped when you are craving that glass of wine. So, try to up your motivation game. This could be small rewards every few days or it could be a big reward when you hit a milestone. If rewards aren’t your thing, then you could create a motivation board. Use it to display pictures of your family, promotions you’d like at work or even a svelte physique as you lose the alcohol pounds. This motivation should be enough to get you through those niggling cravings. 

By sticking to these tips and implementing them into your evening routine, you too will be able to cut quit wine in the evenings and help to have a more balanced evening routine. Try some of these tips out today and see how, with some willpower and effort, you can ditch the evening wine. 

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