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What Does an Alumni Manager Do for Outpatient Rehab Patients?

Last Updated: Thu, March 28, 2024

Whether you are currently in recovery yourself or are in a recovery career field, you need to understand what an alumni manager does. This term is not completely understood despite alumni programs being quite common for outpatient rehab facilities.

There are many necessary steps involved in recovery of any kind. Completing the recovery program is just one of the beginning steps, with an alumni program being the next important part of the recovery journey. An alumni manager is a big part of this, which is why their job is so important.

So, if you do not completely understand what an alumni manager does for outpatient rehab patients, keep reading. We will be discussing the responsibilities of an alumni manager and how this impacts rehab patients.

What Is an Alumni Manager?

The first thing you need to understand about alumni managers is what they do for outpatient rehab facilities. These are managers who are usually in charge of the alumni program meant to help outpatient patients. This is usually the only aspect they have control over since there are other managers for the other areas of the rehab facility.

Alumni managers are mainly there to supply support for patients who are continuing their recovery journey. You may have heard of other types of alumni managers with similar roles, such as alumni managers for colleges or universities.

The goal of an alumni manager is to provide support that the patient can always depend on if they need help during recovery. This also helps build a community so no one feels alone in their journey. An alumni program also serves as a form of rehab marketing in a variety of ways.

What Responsibilities Do Alumni Managers Have?

Alumni managers have specific core responsibilities that make up their job regarding rehab patients. These are vital responsibilities that have a huge impact on a patient’s experience after going through their recovery program. In many instances, this could make or break someone’s recovery success since they need support.

Enrolls Patients

It is easy for patients to fall into the trap of thinking that a recovery program is going to solve all addiction problems. But if someone is in recovery, there are many steps that come after this that will predict their success. 

Alumni managers are responsible for helping to enroll patients after completing their main program. This prevents patients from simply disappearing before they have the option of enrolling in the alumni program.

The alumni manager will help them to understand the alumni program and why it is so important. They can also help patients choose different programs according to their individual needs and where they are in recovery.

Continues Patient Engagement

As we mentioned above, there is a risk of patients completing their recovery program and simply walking away from the rehab facility. This makes it very difficult to calculate how successful the program is and keep tabs on patients and their success.

An alumni manager will manage patient engagement by keeping in contact with follow-up calls on a regular basis. This is beneficial for the rehab facility, but it also helps the patient continue their recovery journey.

These managers can connect patients with others going through similar circumstances to develop a like-minded community. They can also encourage patients to pursue additional programs or recovery paths to help them in their sobriety.

Coordinates Events

Events are incredibly important for those in recovery as they cultivate a community mindset and help people stay accountable. It is easy for this to fall between the cracks since recovery facilities have so many other tasks they have to focus on. This is where an alumni manager comes in since they help to manage and coordinate events.

Alumni managers can schedule and plan events throughout the year as well as locate people and resources to help with this process. They are also responsible for virtual and in-person meetings with the local alumni chapter.

Provides Resources and Encouragement

Someone who is in recovery can never have too many resources to help them with this challenging process. Alumni managers are also in charge of many of the materials regarding recovery and patient success.

An alumni manager can develop content for the alumni email newsletter as well as run different social media platforms. They often share content online and keep followers up-to-date with videos, photos, and patient success stories. These are all things that are not only useful to those in recovery, but they can also be very uplifting and encourage patients who may be struggling.

To increase engagement, alumni managers may also create an alumni ambassador program where patients can share their stories and help spread awareness.

Develops Alumni Database

Along with the many other tasks an alumni manager has on their plate, they are also responsible for the alumni database. This includes keeping track of all outpatients who have completed different programs in the rehab facility. But it also includes maintaining an alumni database of family contacts if other parties need to be contacted.

Having an up-to-date alumni database ensures no patient falls between the cracks and is forgotten after completing their program. Once a patient is added to the database, the manager will go above and beyond to ensure they stay in contact, letting the patient know they have support if needed.


Alumni managers are responsible for a long list of tasks when it comes to outpatient rehab engagement with past patients. This is so important because facilities should keep in touch with patients even after they have completed all of their programs.

An alumni manager keeps track of everyone who has gone through the facility and helps to stay connected and increase engagement. They provide aftercare options that can help patient success and build a more understanding and welcoming community around recovery.

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