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Quit Video Games to Save Your Mental Health

Last Updated: Sun, April 3, 2022

"One more minute!"

You hear this sound whenever you ask your child to stop playing the games. It is estimated that half of the USA population plays video games, and it is not only teens who play games; most of the people who play video games in the USA are above 18. The question is, why do people play games instead of doing something beneficial?

Playing video games for hours leads to many health effects, and it becomes an addiction and creates many problems. When video games interfere and disturb your personal, family, or social life, it becomes a problem and has negative consequences. It may lead to a Mental health disorder, also known as gaming disorder.

These two types of video game addictions have harmful effects on mental health.

  1. Standard Video games: This type of game is designed to play by a single person and incorporate a mission or cross a level. The addiction to such games is caused by the need to complete the level, break or make the records, and beat a high score.

  2. Online multiplayer video games- are designed to be played online with other players. These games are more addictive and have destructive impacts on mental health because these games have no clear ending, and every player is in competition and has pressure to win. Also, these games allow players to create and become online characters. The multiplayer games allow all players to develop relationships and community, which sometimes feels like this is the most comfortable place.

How Video games affect Mental health

When it becomes an addiction, it is hard to quit gaming, and it means people can't stop playing games even if he aware of its harmful consequences. At this point, gaming affects your mental, emotional and physical health in different ways.

There are different signs which may show your mental health is affected by video games addiction.

  • You are always thinking about gaming

  • Loss of interest in other activities

  • Loss of focus in work

  • Failure to control

  • Psychosocial problems

  • Negative mood swings

  • Anxiety

More effects on health:

  • Increase aggression or violent behavior because of such content in video games

  • Stress injuries

  • Problems with concentration and attention 

  • Developmental problems


  • Family Counselling: If your loved ones are addicted to video games, you can help them by motivating them and participating in some aspects of therapy.

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