Am I Addicted To Cocaine?

Am I Addicted To Cocaine?

Last Updated: Fri, January 19, 2024

If you've used cocaine a lot recently, you may be questioning if you've developed an addiction or a habit. Many people struggle with drug addiction if only due to the illegal nature of it. Some people avoid getting help for fear of jail-time or other consequences (such as loved ones finding out). As a result, if you're struggling with a bad habit, it may be something you can overcome on your own whereas if it's an addiction, you should probably seek medical help. With psychological drugs like cocaine, there are many outpatient treatments available to can help you overcome the addiction.

To find out if you're addicted to cocaine, you should ask yourself the following questions:

How To Know If You're Addicted To Cocaine

Are you able to cut down?

If you've caught yourself using cocaine a lot recently, are you able to stop or cut down? If you're addicted to cocaine, you won't be able to stop using or thinking about the drug.

If you are able to go an extended period of time without the drug in your system, how do you feel? Do you feel better? Or do you feel anxious and paranoid and get frequent headaches?

Do you find yourself craving cocaine?

When you haven't used cocaine, do you find yourself thinking about it; feeling an urge to find it and use it? People who are addicted to coke have difficulty focusing or being present day-to-day because their thoughts are dominated by when they can do the drug next.

Has your cocaine use put you or someone you know in harm's way?

Have you traveled to a shady area you would not normally go to get cocaine? Or have you asked someone to take you to a bad neighborhood to get drugs? Have you invited strangers to your house so you can pick up coke? These behaviors are symptomatic of someone who is addicted where the drug use overrides their ability to think through negative consequences.

Are you sad or feel depressed when you haven't used cocaine?

If you haven't used cocaine in the last 24 hours, do you feel sad or depressed? What has your overall mood been like? A big component of cocaine is dopamine. It not only allows dopamine to linger in your brain (as opposed to being recycled), but it also opens the gate for more dopamine. Once in awhile, this may not have a substantial impact on your day to day without coke. However, someone who's addicted may feel sad or depressed because their body isn't used to the normal amount of dopamine.

Do you plan your day around cocaine use?

There's a stark difference between being excited for an event and planning your day around an event. For instance, if you have tickets to concert late at night, then you know when it takes place and can plan accordingly. However, if you have an addiction to cocaine, then everything is done in service of getting high. If you plan your day around using cocaine, you may have a severe dependence to cocaine and you may be addicted as well.

Do you take cocaine more often than you'd like?

Do you find that you don't want to use cocaine, but you get high as a way to stop sinus pain, hunger pangs, or irregular behavior? If you're unable to function normally until you get high, then you're likely addicted to cocaine.

Is your cocaine use causing problems or negative consequences?

In regards to physical problems, do you suffer from nosebleeds, headaches, mood swings, or seizures? Are you able to manage friendships or relationships? Do your friends worry about you? Have you started getting in dangerous situations you would not otherwise, such as car accidents and fights?

Do you spend a lot of time recovering from cocaine use?

Do you frequently need to sleep in due to being up all night? Do you have an early morning routine to fight off the "crash" sensation every morning? Or are you racking up bills on taxis and Uber due to feeling shaky behind the wheel? If your habit is costing you in bills and health, then an addiction is the more likely culprit.

Are your responsibilities (work / school) falling to the wayside due to your cocaine habit?

Are you able to hold a job? Do you show up on time? Have you been approached about your performance? Are you missing deadlines?

If you're enrolled in school, how often do you attend class? Have you completed homework assignments and if so, are they turned in on time? What about your grades overall?

Cocaine Addiction

Only you can answer these questions for yourself. And if you find yourself answering yes to many of them, then you may have a cocaine addiction. Cocaine addiction is treatable, but means facing a painful withdrawal period. This shouldn't deter you as the list of painful long-term effects are much, MUCH worse -- as in, I don't need to go into detail about how cocaine can cause bowel necrosis for you to get the idea.

If you do suffer from cocaine addiction, remember to seek help. Many of the side effects of cocaine can result in death. When you have that much dopamine pumping into your brain and yoyu suddenly take it away, you will feel sad and depressed. While those emotions will pass with time, they can be so severe that you consider suicide. Get help from medical professionals and reach out with the sober community. There are plenty of people willing to help you get through this, all you need to do is reach out.


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