An active mobile presence to help your alumni marketing thrive

You’re the experts in care, we’re the experts at keeping people engaged with addiction recovery.

Get more referrals

Alumni and patients are exposed to your branding in-app, increasing the chance of referrals.

Stay front of mind

Alumni are prompted to reach out to you at times they are most likely to need additional help.

Know when to reach out

Receive notifications of early warning signs, allowing you to reach out at the right time.

The dashboard gives you an overview of your members’ activities.


Give your patients access to Sober Plus for free!

Sober Plus is a $5/month subscription that provides access to premium features such as data backups, locked access, motivation packs and more.

Staying connected online is the new norm

Telehealth and online communities are a great way to compliment your alumni program. They help you stay in touch when you can't meet in person.

Especially in times of crisis like with COVID-19, tools like I Am Sober can be helpful to keep your system running smoothly.


We're still working on the finishing touches.

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