A modern approach to addiction care

I Am Sober connects you and your patients for even better support and gives you tools to grow your business more intelligently.

A counselor and patients, connected

Get actionable insights along your patient's timeline

As patients share their daily activities, you’ll be able to make strategic assessments and help them stay on track.

Stay front of mind

As your patients use the app, you'll have a constant presence for better engagement, and more referrals.

Grow your funnel with more exposure

I Am Sober is the leading sobriety network. Every day, thousands of people are actively looking for support providers like you.


The dashboard gives you an overview of your members’ activities.

Keep your messages secure

Communicate with your patients via our HIPAA-compliant platform.

Get the details that matter

Patients can share their daily notes with you, so that you can start your conversations with better context.

Know when it's a good time to follow up

Gauge your patients’ daily activity and spot early warning signs.


Give your patients access to Sober Plus for free!

Sober Plus is a $5/month subscription that provides access to premium features such as locked access, skins, motivation packs and more.



Provide better support

Up to 5 paired members
HIPAA-compliant messaging
Member activity tracking


Go next level

Everything in Plus
Up to 30 paired members
Up to 5 support contacts

If you want to handle more than 30 paired members or no auto billing, please contact us at andrew@iamsober.com

What is a paired member?
A paired member is a client of yours using our app to share daily activity with you.
What is a support contact?
A support contact is someone your paired members can reach out to. If you operate a business by yourself, you are the only support contact. If you have a team of people, you may want more than one support contact.
How does Sober Plus work?
Sober Plus is a consumer-facing in-app subscription with premium features including: unlimited skins and motivation packs, watch app integration, and locked access. The subscription costs users $5/month. When you partner with us, all of your paired members get access to Sober Plus for free, and you get to be a hero.
What is a listing placement?
Every day in our app, thousands of people visit our support tab looking for support. When you partner with us, you will be listed as one of our providers. Your profile will give you a chance to talk about yourself and allow people to inquire about your services.
What information can I put in my profile?

This is something we are constantly expanding, but right now we provide you with plenty of ways to help potential clients get to know you:

  • Your name and profile photo
  • A description about your services
  • Additional images
  • A link to a YouTube video
How does lead management and tracking work?
When someone finds you via our app, they can inquire about your services either via submitting a form or calling your phone number directly. You can track all this data via our portal dashboard where we provide tools for helping you work your leads.
Do you offer a free trial?
We currently do not offer a free trial. You can cancel your account at any time and be prorated for your payment.