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Pledge Reviews Update

Last updated: April 9, 2018

Hello citizens of sober-bia, we’ve been getting a lot of feedback from your myriad suggestions and reviews and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve implemented changes to the app to help you stay sober — especially through the more challenging days.

Daily Pledge Reviews

Currently, I Am Sober has a pledge system where you can set what time you want to be notified to take your pledge. We all know staying sober is a 24-hour struggle and we don’t want to shy away from that. The goal is, every day, we make a pledge to commit to being sober for the next 24 hours.

However, it’s one thing to say you’ll stay sober and another to actually do it. As a result, we’ve implemented pledge reviews. Now, you can set what time you want to check back in with you to see how well the day went and if you stayed sober. This brings us to update number two.

Rate Your Sober Day

How was staying sober today? Was it easy? Hard? Next to impossible?

As much as we may love binary choices — especially where sobriety is concerned — the one thing we don’t want is to have our days run together in a blur.

So much of staying sober is about recognizing your triggers and avoiding them. Currently, our sober app enables you to know if you made it through the day sober or not, but it doesn’t enable you to catalogue what made the day different. When you review your pledge at the end of the day, you’ll be prompted with the following message:

How hard was it staying sober today?

  • Easy
  • Not bad
  • Questionable
  • Hard
  • Impossible

We’re doing this because either extreme is something you should be on the lookout for.

If every day starts to feel impossible, you may need some additional support. There’s nothing wrong with that and this way you can see the pattern and take a proactive approach. Meanwhile, if every day is a breeze, you run the risk of becoming over confident. The pink cloud may fade after the first year, but it can come back in full force.

With these markers, you’ll be able to keep a birds’ eye view on your sobriety and know when to reach out for additional support.

Identify Triggers

Another new feature is that after you’ve rated how difficult or easy your day of sobriety was, you can check notate what sorts of activities you had/did.

  • Work
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Group
  • Date
  • Exercising
  • School
  • Hobbies
  • Relaxing
  • Chores

You can check as many as you like. Ideally, this’ll help you see at a glance what made the day harder or easier than normal.

For most in recovery, we try to stay busy to ward off cravings, but what if you find on days were you do nothing but work, exercise, and chores, you’re struggling more than on days when you attend group, hang out with friends and relax? We’re not saying don’t work, do chores, or exercise, but ideally this will help to keep track of what events or combination of events is making certain days easier or harder.

Take Notes On Your Sober Days

Many of the updates to the sober app are designated to figuring the “what” “how” and “why,” this addition is no different. Now, when you check back in with your sober pledge, after you’ve rated the level of difficulty and what activities were performed, you can write notes about the day.

You don’t need to do this daily, but you can. This is a tool for you. Write what made the day difficult or easy. This information isn’t shared, it’s private; it’s for you, so you can look back and remind yourself. On an exceptionally easy day, write a note of encouragement to yourself and look back on it when you have a rough day.

Plus, if you want to take it a step further you can. One of the key ways of staying sober is journaling. Journaling every day helps us see the long term and largely unconsciously. Studies have shown it works and now you’re able to do it from the app.

Mark Missed Sober Days

As mentioned above, one of the ways we stay sober is by staying busy. That’s not a bad thing. It can also mean that when you receive a notification on your phone, maybe you swipe away with the intent of responding to it later and then forget. We know.

One of the things you wanted was a way to retroactively mark your days of sobriety so you can keep your running streak of pledges. We get it so we added it.

For some, it felt like the app was penalizing you by starting you over from one simply because you forgot or were on a plane, or a long drive, etc. That’s far from the intent, so we’ve added that functionality.

The Appril Update

Let us know how you feel about the app or if there are additional features you’re looking for that we haven’t included. This is a thriving community full of respect, humor, and great feedback, so don’t hesitate to reach out. You can tweet at us or email at support@iamsober.com.

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